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Eu-Design 2016-2017, an award to Ergonomics

The objective of the Eu-Design Award is to raise awareness in companies and designers on the issues related to applied ergonomics. A brainchild of Isabella Tiziana Steffan and Cinzia Dinardo, the award is supported by SIE, the Italian Society of Ergonomics Section Lombardy-Liguria.

Registration will open the 10th on November in occasion of the World Usability Day 2016; the official delivery time for applications and papers presentation is May 31th 2017.

The categories of the EU-Design Award are:

PRODUCT: this category includes home, office and community furnishing and accessories, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures and accessories, kitchen equipment and supplies, televisions, telephones, hi-fi, fixed and mobile telephony, computers, tablets, MP3 players, home automation control systems, outdoor furniture, gardening equipment, street furniture and lighting. Sports clothing and equipment. Industrial machinery & components, working tools and equipment, for communities, medical and health care accessories & equipment. Individual and collective means for air, maritime, land and work mobility. Games and child care articles, prosthesis and tools for the elderly, jewelry, food design. (Source: ADI Design Index)

DIGITAL ARTIFACT: this category includes all devices with digital interfaces such as: smartphones, computers, tablets, MP3 players, home automation control systems, mobile devices, video games, web sites and portals, social networks, softwares, APPs, management systems; interactive games (eg. interactive dolls).

SERVICE: This category includes all facilities designed, created and delivered according to the principles of user-centered design, with special attention to services that are innovative, linked to the territory and with a bottom-up approach, such as: information systems, public utilities, tourism services, local development services (eg. the Fablabs that can be found all over Italy, car and bike sharing, etc.)



To apply for the award companies / designers have to fill in the form, downloadable from this page.



I criteri di selezione si soffermeranno su due aspetti:

  1. usability of the product, digital artifact or service in terms of: effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a particular context of use;
  1. the process used to develop the product / Digital / service artifact (user-centered design, user involvement in the design process).

EU-DESIGN 2016-2017 JURY

Francesc Aragall, Director of Design for All Foundation (Barcelona)

Gianluca Brugnoli, Executive Director at FROG DESIGN

Cinzia Dinardo, UX Designer, European Ergonomist Eur.Erg.

Antonella Frisiello, User Experience Researcher at ISMB, President of SIE Piemonte

Silvia Gilotta, Psychologist, Ph.D. on Applied psychology and Ergonomics

Ambrogio Rossari, Designer, President of ADI-Lombardia

Elisabetta Schiatti, User eXperience & Service Designer

Isabella T. Steffan, Architect, European Ergonomist Eur.Erg

Francesca Tosi, Professor of Industrial Design, Department of Architecture - University of Florence, President of SIE



May, 31th 2017


Autumn, 2017


Organizing Secretary:

R.M. Società di Congressi, v. Ciro Menotti 11 – 20129 Milano; tel. 02 70126367,